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Solving the water data drought.

Goldwater helps governments and people save water and money by revolutionizing water data connectivity and communication.

With the once-in-a-generation paradigm shift toward smart water meters, Goldwater has devised an innovative system that connects governments and wholesale water providers to water utilities, and water utilities to people… with real-time data.

The result is more informed planning, easy reporting, increased conservation, and behavior change that allows users to meet critical goals while saving money.

For state water agencies and wholesale water providers, Goldwater’s Software-as-a-Service Platform syncs consumption, conservation activity savings, reporting, planning, and communication with an unlimited number of constituent water utilities.

For individual water utilities, Goldwater’s Utility Portal + Customer Mobile App impact retail water customer behavior with alerts, notifications, and coordinated conservation activities and incentives.

The Platform + Portal – along with utility smart meters – provide unprecedented real-time consumption monitoring at the state, interstate, and wholesaler levels, unlocking tremendous possibilities for drought management, policy development, communication, and water data science.

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